Lamp Lighting 2018


We welcome you all, young and old, to the annual lighting of the Valentines Gas Lamp. Complete with Reg Ling in traditional costume and refreshments! We hope to see you at the event, which will take place next Wednesday, on Valentines Day (14/02/2018). This year is particularly exciting due to the progress made in restoring the lamp, so come on down and have a look!


The ceremony starts at 6pm and we will be setting off a pre-warning rocket at approximately 5:30 pm, as a sign to gather at the lamp. This exciting addition has been made possible by a donation from Ghengis Fireworks, and we would like to give them a huge thankyou for their generosity. 


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Unique in Somerset...

The famous Valentine Gas Lamp in Frome, Somerset, England is one of the town's most romantic landmarks and the only working gas lamp in Somerset. 

A six-paned, 3 mantle gas lantern on a column cast in a local foundry, it is set amidst a heart-shaped ring of cobbled stones. A 'love seat' nearby catches the glow of the gas lamp, looking down the historic cobbled street of Catherine Hill.

 The lamp even has attached a renovated George V posting box attached - for your love letter or Valentine card. 

A day for Romance...

The working gas lamp is dedicated to the memory of St. Valentine and was salvaged, painstakingly and lovingly restored and adapted, by local entrepreneur Reg Ling in 1992. 

The site received dedication and blessing by the Mayor and Frome Council of Churches Chairman on 14th February 1993.

Every year since, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with a Valentine Gas Lamp Lighting ceremony using an original Victorian lamp-lighters’ pole and introduced with much aplomb by the Town Crier.  The ceremony opens with the firing of a rocket into the night sky of Frome. Children are invited to bring a home-made lantern and rewarded with a gift of fresh fruit, and mulled wine is served to warm the hearts of all who join in the celebration.  

Love never dies...

The Friends of the Valentine Gas Lamp group has been established to maintain and preserve the lamp in this very historical street of Frome, so that future generations can enjoy, appreciate  and celebrate its history and beauty.  The Trust now requires funds and practical support to repaint and decorate the elaborate and symbolic lamp column and the George V posting box, and to repair or replace the glass lantern, on all of which the ravages of weather over 22 years have taken their toll. Assuming most of the work is done with free labour, it will cost about £5,000 to fully complete 

Please help us to maintain and preserve this important and now famous landmark of Frome.  If you are able to help raise funds for some of the restoration work, would like to make a donation, can offer practical assistance or help in any way, please contact leaving an email address or contact number if possible.      

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